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Service Guidelines

"WiFi GO" service provides free wireless Internet connectivity to Macao citizens and visitors. Users will be able to connect to "WiFi GO" and enjoy free wireless Internet connectivity with an IEEE 802.11 b/g standard device at "WiFi GO" service locations.

Service hour

Daily from 8:00am to 1:00am of the following day (Service hours will be determined by the opening hours of the locations)

Login procedures

1.Locate yourself within the service coverage area in a "WiFi GO" location.

2.Activate your mobile device that supports IEEE 802.11 b/g standard.

3.Establish your Wi-Fi connection.

4.If using the unencrypted service:

  • Select the "wifigo" SSID and select "Connect";
  • Launch the browser and accept the "Terms of Use and Disclaimer";
  • Commence browsing the Internet.

5.If using the encrypted service (WPA2):

  • Select the "wifigo-s" SSID and select "Connect";
  • Enter the username "wifigo" and the password "wifigo";
  • Launch the browser and accept the "Terms of Use and Disclaimer";
  • Commence browsing the Internet.

Websites or services being filtered

The "WiFi GO" service shall filter websites containing sexually explicit or obscene material, in order to prevent users from accessing such websites via the "WiFi GO" service.

Connection bandwidth and time limit

To ensure effective and reasonable service quality, as well as fair usage for all users, we have set the following bandwidth and time limit.

Bandwidth: Each user can enjoy a maximum of 3Mbps downstream and 512Kbps upstream access speed. However, the actual connection speed will depend on the number of concurrent users as well as the user’s reception signal strength.

Time limit: If the user’s connection time is over 45 minutes, the service will be disconnected. However, if there is an available connection, the user may reconnect and continue to use the service.